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Guardian Angel

How IT Should Be

Guardian Angel Services

Guardian Angel is our managed services offering. With Guardian Angel, we automate many of the tasks performed to properly maintain and optimize a computer network. Here are some of the things Guardian Angel handles:

  • Automated Patch Management – reduce risk of bad patch or service pack rendering your PC or server useless.
  • Automated Hardware/Software Audits – keep track of your system assets.
  • Automated System Log Monitoring – Not only monitors and reports issues; but can employ scripts to automate remediation as well
  • Automated Virus/Malware Protection Management – Viruses, spyware and other malware need robust solutions that are properly maintained to reduce risk of infection and remediate in the event of infection. Guardian Angel automates much of this process.
  • Automated Backups – Your data is highly valuable to you. Implementing layers of data backups is critical to maintain the security of your data.
  • Automated Application Deployment – New installs or upgrades to current software can be automated through Guardian Angel.
  • Remote Control – Our technical staff can securely access a managed PC or server for support or training.
  • Reports – Detailed reports are available through the system, or executive level overviews that outline the health of the network.

With Guardian Angel, we help fix certain IT costs and maintain your infrastructure in a highly affordable manner to reduce downtime and increase user productivity. Contact us to learn more!