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Halo likes to highlight customers who are taking advantage of new technology with the help of Halo Information Systems. This month, I spoke with Sonny Swann of Climatic.

Technology is changing the way Climatic provides HVAC services
For nearly 25 years now, Climatic Heating and Cooling Inc. has been providing HVAC services to the D.C. Metropolitan area. They don’t just install and maintain air conditioners and heaters. Climatic’s team are also experts when it comes to the quality of air in homes and businesses. Sonny Swann is the Vice President of Climatic. He is a former IT systems engineer, so he knows the value of having a quality, cutting-edge IT infrastructure to run a small business. I had a chance to ask Sonny a few questions about the technology he uses at Climatic.

Sonny, the work that your team does is considered “blue-collar”, but how important is it for Climatic to have computer and network systems in place to run the operations back at the office?

SonnySwan Our customers count on us to always be available, so we have had to build redundancy into all of our systems. We have backup plans in place for loss of Internet, server failure, phone system issues, and inclement weather. Those systems are key to our operations and providing service to our clients quickly when their heating or cooling fails.

What sort of new technology have you evaluated and adopted in the past 12 months to improve your team’s efficiency?

We recently implemented a new dispatching software that gave us the ability to interface directly with our accounting software. We were also able to go completely paperless in the field. Before we were spending about 20 minutes to process each paper ticket into our systems. Now that takes about 30 seconds and can be done as soon as the truck pulls out of the driveway, rather than the next day when the ticket is turned in.

How has that changed the workflow of your employees?

Technicians can spend more time diagnosing and repairing, which is what they do best, Rather than spending 30% of their time writing paper tickets. Information is available for our customers and office instantly upon completion of the service visit.

What sort of new technology are you offering to your clients that you didn’t have a couple of years ago?

We have a large variety of new products. Internet connected thermostats are the latest, allowing us to control our systems when away from home. The more advanced models also allow the contractor to be notified if there is an issue and to complete basic troubleshooting remotely. Another new addition to our lineup are ultraviolet air scrubbers. They use an oxidizing process to create Ionized-Hydro-Peroxides that actually clean the air and sanitize surfaces inside your home.

If anyone reading this would like to get in touch with Sonny’s team at Climatic for a quote on Heating and Air Conditioning service and installation, you can reach them at

Sonny, thank so much for your time for this interview, and thank you for reaching out to Halo Information Systems for our expertise with iOS devices. Halo was happy to help Climatic with its transition to an iPad based system for its field technicians, and we can do the same for other HVAC and service companies!

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Matt Wotring is a life-long technophile. His past rolls include Level 1 and Level 2 IT tech support, Associate Producer and Game Designer in the video game industry, datacom project management, and IT sales. Matt is an IT Tech and Business Developer for Halo Information Systems.
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