Tales from Tech Support

This guest blog post was written by Sheenika Wilson and originally appeared on the ZCorum blog. It is used with their permission.

Most people usually share tales of endearment around Valentine’s Day, so I thought that I’d share some of those sentiments….tech support style. Using the famous word of one of ZCorum’s Affiliates, I hope you’ll be “tickled” by the stories that I’m bringing to you! Enjoy!

A customer that was unable to get online called in and spoke to me. She and I were troubleshooting her Internet connection issues, and she started to frantically say, “My cookies are burning!” Thinking they were a treat for her children, I told her that I didn’t mind holding while she went to the kitchen to check on them. She revealed to me that she wasn’t baking cookies in her stove. The cookies that were burning were on “Yo-ville”, a virtual world in Facebook she spends time in. She did manage to save them, however.

An elderly woman called in and said that her television would not turn on with the remote. She had just put new batteries in the remote, so she wasn’t sure why it wasn’t working. I began asking her questions about her television, including the brand, so that I would be able to help her. She told me that the brand was Dell. I asked her to describe the television, and sure enough, she provided me a vivid description of her computer monitor. I asked that she press the power button on the monitor, and it came on! She asked me why would her remote not work for her Dell television, and I explained to her that unfortunately, the remote wouldn’t power on her computer monitor.

A woman’s teen-aged daughter called in to Support with dial-up connection issues. Each time she tried to connect, she received a no dial tone error, so I asked that she check her phone cable and ensure that it was securely connected to the modem and phone jack. She looked in the back of the computer and noticed the phone cable had been chewed. The girl started yelling at her mom saying how her mom should have bought rat traps because the rats chewed through the the phone cable! The girl then asked me how would I get rid of rats, so I suggested that she get a cat. She said that she’d try that!

A gentleman called in and was unable to connect to the Internet. I asked him to let me know the status of the LEDs on his cable modem. He asked me to hold, and I heard him tell the kids to find a flashlight.  When he came back on the line, I was curious as to why he needed a flashlight, and he said that they were in the middle of a power outage. He needed to get the computer working because the kids were driving him nuts! I informed him that the computer and Internet were not going to work during a power outage. He seemed a bit distraught and asked me what I suggested he do with the kids, so of course I provided him with some games and ideas for the kids to play.

A woman called in with computer issues that could not be resolved on the phone. After some troubleshooting, I determined she had a virus on her computer. She asked me how she could clean her computer, and I gave her the names of several anti-virus software vendors she could try. She then replied, “No, I need something to kill the virus on my computer. Would it be better to use Lysol or bleach?” I was almost tempted to say bleach, but I explained to her what anti-virus software is and how to use it. I then assisted her in downloading software that would help with her issues.

Do you have a tale from tech support that you’d like to share?  Tell us about it!


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