Out with Windows XP and in with Windows 8.1?

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Matt Wotring is a life-long technophile. His past rolls include Level 1 and Level 2 IT tech support, Associate Producer and Game Designer in the video game industry, datacom project management, and IT sales. Matt is an IT Tech and Business Developer for Halo Information Systems.
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2 Responses to Out with Windows XP and in with Windows 8.1?

  1. Steve Scott says:

    I remember when Windows first reared its ugly head. I was a DOS wizard, able to coax/produce just about anything from DOS, BASIC, or dBaseIV. I went kicking and screaming to Windows, but still ran in-house dBase applications on DOS computers at my workplace until Windows morphed into a version which did not use DOS as its foundation.

    So it will be with me and touchscreen. I’m just now using an iPad Mini for this, but will soon arise and go down to my much more friendly Windows 7 laptop. After all, I’d like to get something accomplished without a fight.

  2. Steve Scott says:

    P.s. Whoever thought “Shades of Gray” text/background would make reading easy was mistaken.

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